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Sorry if this is too rinky dink a question for y'all's awesome knowledge, but I figured I'd ask anyway. I want to change a bike from a 16 rear 18 front (rims) to a 18 front 18 rear. I've been told (inter webz) that this will greatly effect the handling of the bike. The only reason I'm doing this is I think it would look better, and I can't leave well enough alone. What do y'all think? Will the handling be 'different', meaning I'll have to get used to it, or will the handling be 'different' I'm going to kill myself? If it matters, the bike in question is a cb250.

( I just re-read what i wrote- seems the kids these days call something 'awesome' if they want to mock it, but i mean 'awesome knowledge' in the 'I'm awed by your knowledge' way! )
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