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I cant answer your question but I can say that I had the same questions... I answered my own question by getting racks that I knew were sturdy to mount my Expedition dry bags to. I ordered the Happy Trails SU racks that I have heard are very sturdy! and then plan to mount my bags to them. I figured it also gives me more of a wide variety of options down the road if I ever wanted to order some Aluminum Panniers from Happy Trials. my 2c...
Here you go...

I finally got my Happy Trail SU racks and Wolfman Expedetion bags for my 800XC. Pictures are below with a little bit of information above the picture. Also there is NOTHING in the bags but air. I also wanted to use my Wolfman Large Rollie bags to attach to the sides when I need that little bit of extra room.

Large rollie bag is black and on the left. This will work perfect for the long rides and will keep the weight close to the bike.

Pic without Rollie Bags.

Pic from the back. I will use the gap between the left rack and the bike to mount an external gas tank/can.

Front View

Wolfman says that the straps need to go from one bag to the other. I didn't want straps across my rear seat so I took full advantage of the side grab bars. I switched a buckle on each bag and it works fine. This should work out great especially with two up riding.

The SU racks have this plate that goes across the top of their rack. Instead of wrapping the velcro straps around the rack like I did on the bottom ones I just simply fed it through the little slat and connected the straps in the back. It holds just fine. I also put a little safety wire through the straps and connected it in the center just for a piece of mind.

So far I'm happy with the set up. The real test will be the first good ride with them on. Overall the set up will hold just as much as aluminum bags and be much much lighter. What do you think?
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