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I really like the Shure 215, 99$ at London Drugs, the Wirecutter reviewed them as the best bang for your buck in the price range and I have to agree.
I miss my ER6is, but I don't miss the shitty cord.
the cord on these is tough and replaceable. Also after a bit of research I discovered that any headphones using a 2.5mm tube can use Etymotic tips. Of course I discovered this right after I got rid of an entire bag of them.
I don't like the stock foam tips, they take more effort to put in and more care to make sure they stay seated while putting on the helmet. I think with the Etymotic silicone tips again I'll have a perfect fit.

I don't like the MC3 because of the longer body, having the body turned sideways like shure makes more sense to me. I also don't understand why you can't wear them properly with the wire over the ears?
I must be doing something wrong, because I wear them that way every day on my commute, and have for 5 months...
I tried reversing them and letting them hang out, but they always get pulled out when I'm putting on my helmet then. I also make sure to pull outwards on my helmet straps when putting on the helmet, that makes a sort of channel so the helmet doesn't drag on them and hurt my ears.
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