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Originally Posted by patch29
What does it take to derestrict one?
Most of the time they are restricted by putting a bushing in the CVT which keeps it from reaching a higher gear; some brands also throw in a rev limiter and restrictor plate in the exhaust.

Some brands ship derestricted.

Ain't no way you're gonna want a restricted scoot. 30mph is insanely slow and a safety issue--it's not fast enough to mingle with real traffic. 35, though, is actually a decent scootering speed. Sounds slow but it's fine. 40-45 is gravy.

The process is usually 20 minutes or less to uncork 'em. Replace the bushing, cut the rev limiter wire, remove the restrictor plate, that sort of thing.

Running them restricted means they are "mopeds" in most states, which typically define mopeds as <30mph, <3 hp, and no gears (that varies but it's the ballpark). As such you can ride them without tags or license or insurance. Again, that varies, but that's the idea.

However, it's pretty common for owners to derestrict them and run them untagged, and that's what makes them outstanding commuter vehicles--cheap to run, and can typically take advantage of free parking.

It depends on how hard local jurisdictions are cracking down on scoots. Around here, if they see a college student or commuter wearing a lid and riding sanely, there's no hassle. You definately don't want to be wheelieing past the Nice Officer, though, or doing much over 35.

I ran both of ours untagged and derestricted. The 50cc kymco Super9 will easy hit 55mph and cruise at 50 all day long.
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