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Originally Posted by Dagwood_55 View Post
Does anyone know of a vendor that sells them that offers a "no questions asked" return policy??

I'm willing to buy and try one if I can return it if it doesn't work properly or as advertised.
This would be a good question for CycleBots, but "no questions asked" might be a bit much to expect from a small retailer. Returning a product because it doesn't perform as advertised is quite reasonable, but returning something due to nit picky reasons, or buyers remorse can put a strain on small retailers.

I've purchased twice from CycleBots and have been reasonably happy in spite of issues with both orders. I purchased an SMH10 earlier this year just as the new model was coming out. I was told that the old model was not in stock, and that the new model would arrive the following week, but when mine arrived, it was the old model. I contacted CycleBots and they were surprised to hear it, saying that Sena must have slipped some older models in with their shipment of the new model. I sent it back and CycleBots sent the new model. The same thing happened with my riding partner. A few months later I pre-ordered an SR10 and a Motorola twin-pin cable. Eventually it arrived, but with the wrong cable. I received a Kenwood cable instead of the Motorola cable I ordered. While talking on the phone with CycleBots, I realized why the mistake was made. The model number on the invoice matched the model number on the cable package, but the description was different. Somehow CycleBots got the part numbers mixed up in their computer. CycleBots offered to send a call tag so I didn't have to pay for return shipping to exchange the cable, but I decided to keep the Kenwood cable since I also have a Kenwood radio. However, I made a deal with them to purchase a Motorola cable and not pay shipping.

My point is that even though I had some issues with my CycleBots orders, the company took care of the problems. I tend to judge companies based not only on their advertised policies, but how they respond when something goes wrong, and so far CycleBots has done well.

Technical support from CycleBots has been so so. I had a problem with my first SR10 making popcorn sounds and I had to wiggle and pull on the connector to get the auxiliary jacks to work. I sent it back, they tested it, and said that they could not find anything wrong with it. However, they did send me a different SR10 that didn't have the popcorn sound and the auxiliary jacks worked correctly. So I'm happy that they didn't just test mine, say that it was OK, and send the same one back to me. I'm glad that they took the extra customer service step to send out a different SR10 in spite of the fact that they believed mine was working properly.

Email support responses have been their weakest area. I tend to write the details of my issues, but based on the responses I've received, I'm not sure that my descriptions have been read carefully. For example, when I sent back the SR10 complaining about the popcorn noise, I sent a letter describing the testing that I had done, which included turning off all the WiFi, Bluetooth, cordless phones, and whatever I could find in my house operating in the 2.5 GHz band which could cause the noise. I received a note with the replacement SR10 stating that I probably have too many devices operating int he 2.5 GHz band causing the noise. The note was attached to a copy of my letter describing how I turned off darn near everything in my house trying to get rid of the noise. Another example is CycleBots suggestion that the low two-way radio volume issue I've experienced could be caused by speaker placement. My review on this board clearly stated that my tests were done with my wife holding a two-way radio in her hands, and that she was having difficulty hearing me. She was not wearing a helmet, and therefore speaker placement was not an issue. Come on guys, read a little closer. :-)

I've talked about some shipping issues I've had with CycleBots, and have criticized some of their support responses, but I would not hesitate to do business with them again. In each case so far they have made things right, without hassle. However, I've never tested their return policies, and I hope to resolve my issues rather than return the SR10. If I find it necessary to return the SR10, then it could be a challenge since CycleBots has a 30 day return policy, but delays caused by getting the wrong cable, replacement of a defective SR10, and another week or two wait so I can try the SR10 with a different SMH10 push me way over the 30 return period.

I understand your desire to purchase from a reseller that will take the product back if it doesn't work for you, but some reasons for return are better than others. If it doesn't work as advertised then certainly any retailer should take it back. If it doesn't do something that you could reasonably expect it to do, such as work with your model of cell phone or peripherals, and you can't live with that limitation, then I believe that it's reasonable to return the item. However, I don't believe that people should order things to play with and then return them for nit picky reasons (not that you would).

I pre-ordered the SR10, consider myself an early adopter, and expect to have issues and surprises. I do expect for all of the core features to work, and for them to work with my peripherals, but not for every little feature to work the way that I've dreamed. For example, I plan to bury the SR10 into my top box and let it live there with my two-way radio. I figure that I will have to open my trunk to turn the SR10 and radio on before each ride, but will the SMH10 easily sync up with the SR10 each time, or will I have to fiddle with it? Also, what's going to happen when I park my bike and head into a burger joint with my helmet and go out of range. Will the SMH10 and SR10 automatically sync back up when I get back to the bike, or will I have to open my trunk and fiddle with it each time. These are the kinds of things that I'll learn as time goes on, but it's not the kind of thing that would cause me to return the item even if it's annoying.

If you are willing to take some of the responsibility of an early adopter, then great. Jump in, give it a try, return it if you have some major issue, but be ready to live with the little stuff that may annoy you. If you want to play it safe, then wait until next spring or summer after more people have used it and have shared their experiences.

Geez, this got long. I started to say that CycleBots has worked for me, so give them a try, but it ended up being much more. Sorry. :-)

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