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Originally Posted by bluzman View Post
any chance of you supplying a non wireless dimmer ?
i dont do wireless...
If you're a DIYer, you can make it yourself. For example:

Here's the one I used:
I've thrown away the plastic casing. The PCB itself is 50x50x14mm, pretty slim, I've desoldered the green terminal block from the board and soldered
in/out wires there, also desoldered the pot connector from the board and soldered longer wires in place (this is not necessary if the length of the original
pot wires is enough). Then I went to a local electronics DIY shop and bought a 50x50x15mm plastic case and some special 2-part compound used for
sealing electronics modules. The compound is waterproof, dielectric, a good heat conductor (allowing proper cooling for the dimmer's electronic components) , and
it cures to a solid but somewhat elastic substance, which is good for vibration resistance.. The wires bundle just stick up from the sealed module.
I also bought some very nice panel-mount IP67 sealed potentiometer made by Vishay-Sfernice to use instead of the pot supplied with the dimmer. If using the supplied pot,
it should be put into an enclosure (e.g. a small plastic case) for water resistance, otherwise I don't think it would last long. The sealed pot costs more than a couple
of these chinese-made dimmers, but should last a lifetime. The sealing compound has also cost me a bit (the local Russian shops are all quite expensive), so the final
product costs maybe 5x of the dimmer's cost. But I like the final result :)
Here's a dimmer just like I bought (well at least it's the same case, innards might be different, as is usual with Chinese-made goods - it's common to several factories buy
the same cases/enclosures/flashlight bodies from a single (or several other) manufacturers and put their own, widely differing electronics inside, so it's best to ask the seller
for a photo of the internals):
And here's the sealed pot I'm using:

Here's a pic of my dimmer with the original pot enclosed in a small plastic case and the Vishay-Sfernice sealed pot beside it.

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