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I wouldn't mind a picture of this internal driver you use. Why don't you post one up? If it were true some of your customers wouldn't be returning/replacing their units due to LED burn.

Secondly, if you were designing for the "express purpose of motorcycle use" then me thinks you would not have sold them with the crap bracket that comes from the factory.

Dude, it was already discussed, you just have to read thru all the 115 pages of this thread :)
Here's a link to the pics and tests made by an inmate:
The lights do have thermal protection, and it works. Don't be so certain in your skepticism before you get the facts straight.

Judging by the number of people reporting problems with the brackets, they are adequate for most users. This probably depends mostly on the particular mounting locations chosen by the users. Some people might need the heavy-duty bracket, indeed, but I suppose the majority doesn't. I like my equipment to be as durable and reliable as possible, so I did pick up the heavy-duty brackets for my lights, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have any problems with the original brackets.

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Also for the record neither spot or flood models have overheat protection in the driver circuits, the lights are designed for water usage which is a much better heatsink than air.
In a modern world many, if not most, products are made in China. It's quite common for manufacturers in China to mix and match components from different suppliers to make their own products. So inside an identically looking enclosures/cases/bodies might be completely different internal parts. If an entrepreneur/small-business owner/inventor has a product idea, it's more economical, practical and faster to use readily available components for the product, than to custom design and produce all the parts. Small orders with manufacturers are usually very expensive (per item), so it makes a lot of sense to not use custom parts when and where possible. Thus a company like ADV Monster selects a readily available light housing, the LED assembly, and designs their own rugged electronics driver to power the light (plus who knows what other parts and mods). So even if they look 100% identical to a model of underwater aquarium lights, it's quite probable that they are not them, but instead are former underwater lights adapted and upgraded for motorcycle use.

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