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Great thread! I ride the St. Geaorge area occasionally. Mostly Sand Hollow and Washington Dam the last few years with my son, nephews, and friends.

We purchased a 2nd home in Santa Clara last Feb. so I have been exploring the area around Utah Hill for the last few months. Usually go through Santa Clara City, cross the bridge over the Santa Clara River and head to the Southwest. Lots of 2-track and washes to ride. As I ride solo (not by choice) I usually stay fairly close to roads and less difficult areas since I only have a 30" inseam and my bike I leave in St.Geo is a KTM 950SE. I usually return home by way of Navajo or remote control airstrip near Blommington. Although I tell my wife I will be about 1.5 hrs, I always end up calling or texting her to add more time. BTW I do carry a SPOT and cell phones.

The pics of the north views of the Virgin River Gorge are great. I will definitely have to venture a bit further to the south.

Thanks for starting this thread. It is very helpful to me and others.

PM me if you ever need a riding partner. Headed to the Vegas endurocross on 11-19. May spend a few days either before or after though.
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