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Originally Posted by jardine View Post
looking for some help please I have a Garmin 60cxs and just need to know what the difference is in planning a trip on the map in the computer in Basecamp to transfer to the unit - is it better to use the routes or tracks option? cant seem to find any simple expanation anywhere. Cheers
I prefer trax over routes..routes will give you prompts to read and the 60csx screen is too small for my eyes to try and focus on..trax will show a colored track or line that you follow and if you deviate from the line, you can see it and make attempts to get back on the line.

Yes, I prefer tracks! I never had any use for routes, but many will give a good argument for routes and they probably do have their place, but I am not interested in all comes down to your preferences..hopfully someone else will get in here and tell you why routes are better than tracks..good luck
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