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Originally Posted by jardine View Post
looking for some help please I have a Garmin 60cxs and just need to know what the difference is in planning a trip on the map in the computer in Basecamp to transfer to the unit - is it better to use the routes or tracks option? cant seem to find any simple expanation anywhere. Cheers

I'll give it a shot as well.

A route is designed to get you from point A to point B, with the whole objective to simply arrive at B. It provides turn by turn directions ("left turn in 500 feet") and when you miss a turn or go off the route the gps will then recalculate the route and provide new instructions again designed to get you to point B from your new location.

A track is designed to give you a "breadcrumb trail" to follow, with the objective to stay on-track. There are no directions provided and you follow you own course plotted on the gps, attempting to stay aligned with the on-screen track.

Most of the time when I'm riding it's the journey I'm after, not so much the destination, so I prefer to use tracks.

Hope that helps!

It's a little oversimplified, but that should get you started. And you can always convert a track to a route if you change your mind. Sometimes it's easier to create a route in BaseCamp and then use that as a guide when creating a track if there are a maze of trails and roads to choose from when navigating your path.
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