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Originally Posted by Glenngineer View Post
I want one of these, but I sat on one this weekend and did some research...its heavier, and has less top end than the Strom, and is less comfortable. Torque peaks at about the same place, but torque delivers across the rev range better on the XR, and it looks better, but I just can't get behind spending a lot of cash to trade down is so many dimensions.
A Griso, on the other hand....
I owned a Buell M2 for 11 years and a lot of the later buells did what the XR does a lot better and easier to live with (more fuel, more HP, lighter, cheaper). Looks are relative, of course. Having owned a sporty version of the sporty would get you re-thinking owning one. It's a fantastic motor.

The Griso is another bike that doesn't make sense on paper, but it really does make sense when you ride one. I don't know if I could take the $$ hit of a new Griso, but I did feed my itch with a used one. It was really worth it. I sold a brand new Buell 1125 on closeout for nearly even up on the 2007 Griso and never thought twice about it. The bike is just fun, rare, and turns heads. Sounds pretty good with a Mistral pipe as well.
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