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Originally Posted by Jimmy the Heater View Post
Can I play with my SV1k Naked?

Seat comfort has prevented me from making this a sport touring bike. The Corbin doesn't work for me and the airhawk doesn't help much. Any other softer than Corbin seat options out there? (sorry for the hijack)
sure! SV1000's are welcome here! (in fact I would consider one for my next bike IF they either had a larger tank or got better mpg)

When you order a saddle from Corbin you can ask for it to be modified at no extra charge, or else they send their "stock" configuration.
After several fails from them, they finally got it right on my current saddle. I asked for it to be built 1" over their "stock" height. The extra foam has allowed a MUCH cushier indent, although it took several 1000 miles for it to soften up any. My current Corbin has over 60K on it and feels like home. I also rock a sheepskin cover on some long days of slab. I really don't like the sheepskin when riding twisties.
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