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Originally Posted by cyclebot View Post
Hey guys, hadn't checked in for a while on this thread. It has been a little bit of a learning curve on the connectors for the different radios, such as with Tom's Yaesu. Anywhoo, the Sena SR10 will work with the Cardo lineup of products (although probably best with the Sena).
So you are confident the SR10's should work fine with the Scala Q2's? My wife and I are coming up on 2.5 years owning our Q2's which are still working great, but when its time to upgrade, the Sena's are at the top of our list. However at this point we can't do both SMH10's and SR10's, so the SR10's are winning out as what we currently need. I just need to just make sure they will work with our current Q2's for the time being and later will upgrade.

We both have Yaesu FTM-10SR's Ham Radio's on our motorcycles. My current setup is the Q2 connected to the BU-1 BT chip in the Yaesu radio's. Audio wise its fine, but the huge drawback is the audio path is always active, so you can't use the intercom or the music input, plus it kills the battery quicker in the headset. Supposedly a headset that supports A2DP wouldn't have this issue, but I still find that hard to believe and I still wouldn't be able to sync my cell phone into the mix which I'm also missing, so the SR10 solves all this. So my main question is besides for a successful pairing between the SR10 and Scala Q2, does it allow the audio path to drop when no audio is coming from the SR10 and does it automatically re-establish the audio path when it detects audio again? Webbike World's review says it works like this with the SMH10, so hopefully it will work the same way with the Q2.

I would imagine there probably isn't a cord for the Yaesu FTM-10R (although it does use the same type of connections as Yaesu's VX-8R), so maybe there is? I'm thinking I'll need to purchase a bare wire cord for the SR10 and one for the FTM-10R and connect them together. I'm also excited about the SR10 because I could use a ham radio HT when I'm not on my main bike with the Ham Radio, or we could use some FRS/GMRS radio's when other people in a group use them or while dual sport riding and don't want to damage a Ham Radio. Lots of options out there and the SR10 really fits the bill nice.

Plus, the main reason my wife is supporting this purchase is with my current setup when I'm riding solo and my Ham radio is synced in, my cell phone is not and she would rather I have my cell phone connected too.
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