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Originally Posted by Skowinski View Post
Sorry if I missed it, but... any info on whether or not Ducati have rotated the cylinders back some to allow more weight on the front?
Its all pretty confusing, but I think the bottom line is that Ducati adopted a 2012 MotoGP chassis that allows them to move the motor around cheap and fast. They haven't changed the motor architecture yet, but they might.

They seem to have gone to the perimiter spar chassis to easily experiment with weight and flex. Also, we have tire evolution, which forces ready chassis changes as well. Of course, that's exactly why HRC and the rest have adopted the spar chassis for 30 years in all thier race designs . It's probably rooted in MX/SX designs of the 80's.

But whatever. Hopefully Ducati can catch up. The new superbike is a killer for style. Right up there with the 916 (and other Italian fashions).
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