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I want one of these, but I sat on one this weekend and did some research...its heavier, and has less top end than the Strom, and is less comfortable. Torque peaks at about the same place, but torque delivers across the rev range better on the XR, and it looks better, but I just can't get behind spending a lot of cash to trade down is so many dimensions.

A Griso, on the other hand....
all of this is probably true. the vstrom is a more efficient and practical machine, no doubt about it. riding the XR is sort of a guilty pleasure though ... open up the throttle and you get the involuntary smile. down low in the rev range it howls, up high it screams. sitting at idle with the whole bike shaking like its gonna come apart you get the feeling that you're about to do something irresponsible. the heavy clutch and agricultural gears are just part of the experience. i have ridden faster bikes, but for street riding, the XR is "fast enough."

i think its about 100 lbs too heavy, and its too tall for me. seating position isn't perfect either because there isn't much room to extend your legs, although it feels about 20x better to me than a supersport. despite all that, when i ride it, its fun.

after riding one, you might hate it. but i think it has to be ridden to be experienced
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