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Originally Posted by mxbundy View Post
I think you are missing the point of this bike. It is not meant for that type of riding.
Why would you want to add 100lbs of weight to a bike that was designed to be as light and maneuverable as possible?

If it even makes it to the states, which if it doesn't, KTM is crazy, would make the ultimate girl bike, IMHO!

Watch the video posted above, and that is the type of riding this bike was made for.
Think of your ADV riding more along the lines of exploring the 100 acres of woods down the street you have always wanted to, but your big bike, with bags and such always keep you from doing it.

Think you're thinking about things in too narrow of terms. When I was living up in the PNW, Bobo-Boogie and I used to regularly take off on our 250F's with a couple of backpacks and go riding/camping for a few days. Much different than the type of rides we'd do on out XR650's. Don't think it's crazy at all that someone might want to do what skierd is proposing. Powering heated gear wouldn't be a driving concern for me, but I don't know how/where he rides. But if it means he doesn't have to stop to do this every few miles, I completely understand. Any way you slice it, this bike is appealing if you are looking for a lightweight bike to do some technical riding with. Hopefully it's street legal and more on the maintenance schedule of something like a WR250R/X or a Honda XR than a MX-based racebike. If that's the case, I'd be thrilled with the 20-whatever horsepower this thing is supposed to be putting out. Recently bought a 2010 450XCW that I just finished getting all dialed-in, but new Freeride 350 looks like it might be the bike I've been waiting for.

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