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this is the IICE Cool... nice work!

I found it!!.................

the IICE Cool, works on the oil/coolant temperature. The oil/coolant temperature controls the 'Transient Enrichment' feature, and also Overrun Fuel Cutoff.
On the chart it's the two VIOLET boxes. (Link to Chart)
Transient Enrichment is where throttle response comes into play. The hesitation while opening the throttle is gone. When someone says "I like how the motor feels" they are talking about off/on transition throttle response.

Besides off/on throttle transitions, the other big area where transient fuel makes all the difference is when pulling away from a stop. You know how it is, you let out the clutch and it almost feels like the motor is going to stall. It goes soft. You must open the throttle more, and fan the clutch to get rolling. Ridiculous.
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