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Originally Posted by ChuckS View Post
I've had 2 really moving UDF experiences. Both were with my first Ural, a green Patrol.

I was in a parking lot gearing up when an old timer came up to me with tears in his eyes. The last time he saw a Ural was 1956. He was a Hungarian partisan. A Ural carried him and 11 others away from the Soviet army, saving their lives.

A friend of mine asked me to give his father a ride. His father had a stroke some years before and lost the ability to communicate. His mind was fine, but he could only communicate with very simple gestures. He was a Luftwaffe mechanic in WWII and used a BMW sidecar. After the war, he toured Europe by bike before emigrating to Canada and finally the USA.

It was very cool to give him a ride and to watch his eyes light up. It was also cool giving his wife (also very German) a ride. She didn't want to go, she wanted to turn around and go home. At least that what she said when she didn't have a big, silly smile on her face.
Awesome story.

On a trip through Utah we had a gentleman from Hungry stop to tell us how as kids they fixed up a rig left behind by the Germans.

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