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Of course you're welcome to post your own. I've never found it particularly easy to take pics of myself. I'd like to know your experiences on the DL650 as a woman. I ride one, and M'lady has looked at them, and I ride one and like it. How does it perform as a woman's bike? Did you modify anything to make it fit?
I love my Wee I'm 5'4" so I knew going in that I would be lowering it. When I picked it up I could get both toes down and it felt a little precarious - by the time I drove the 100km to the dealer that was going to lower it I felt fairly comfortable but went ahead and had it lowered 2". Now I can flatfoot it Next spring I'm thinking I will take out the lowering links since I plan on some ambitious rides and would like that ground clearance back. At that time I'll probably shave the seat some and lower the pegs so my leg postion will stay the same. The ergos are perfect for me without any mods - the longest day I've put in is about 800km but I still felt good at the end of that day. I can pick it up although if the terrain is particularly rough that can be problematic and I wouldn't want to have to do it too many times in one day
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