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Dick isn't from APG is he? Oh wait, my guy doesn't actually ride. . .

I think my funniest story is when loading up at the supermarket a few weeks ago, an older gentleman (mid 80's?) came up to me with his wife and rapped his knuckles on the sidecar and then my tank.

Him: "Real metal, eh?"

Me: "Yup."

Him: "Yeah, none of this plastic tupperware shit these kids ride today."

Me: "And not only that, it's comfortable."

Him: "Yeah you don't want to go around looking like a monkey f$^%ing a football, you know"

Me: "Do either of you want to go for a ride?"

Him: "Nah, senior discount is going to end at (whatever the restaraunt was)"

Me: "Be well."

We parted ways after that and I haven't seen him since.
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