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Originally Posted by SR View Post
Nice video Mark. I keep trying to tell myself that the KLR does just fine, but watching those BMW's perform makes it very hard to remain in my state of denial. I think you might have just cost me about 12K, Cabron!

Igualmente, SR.

You helped reinforce my twisted desire to flaunt danger and tour mexico, Senor Wake-up-in-Durango-Wifey-makes-mole-search-for-special-rocks-while-scoping-new-riding-areas-in-the-mountains.

Anything else I can do for you?

So we're even now, right? But I do recommend the '98-99 R1100GS. They handle fairly sportily in the twisty bits, and make topes fun. Relatively inexpensive, and chances are you won't need the dealer as badly if something goes wrong (if you do your own wrenching). 4-5k, depending on condition and options.
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