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Okay, listing my mistakes:

Originally Posted by rydnseek View Post
1. Warm the tires. It was a sunny day, so i set both of the tires in the back of my truck in the sun to prewarm them. I've also put them in front of a radiant heater to warm them up. ..makes it a lot easier to handle.
It was a cool day, no sun available anymore, no heater available. Tire was really stiff (D606).

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3. Powder in the tire & tube. I just sprinkle baby powder inside the tire, then rotate it around a bit to spread it out. I usually do it after one bead is on the rim.
Didn't even know that one.

Originally Posted by rydnseek View Post
4. Get the bead down in the wheel. If the bead hangs up on the rim, it will be impossible to spoon it on. You have to be sure the bead is down inside the wheel well. ..both sides.
I guess that was the main problem. The tire was so stiff, I couldn't get it in there, so it was probably sitting at the side of the rim (also why it didn't pop on).

Originally Posted by rydnseek View Post
7. Pay attention to the details. When learning a new skill, it is the details we often miss when doing it. Those techniques make a difference in easy or hard.
Of course.

Maybe I give the rear a try on Saturday or Sunday if it is sunny and I can warm it up outside. Will also try to get all the other things right then.

It also seems to me that the front might be real hard because it the rim is so narrow and the tire so stiff that it's hard to push the bead into the middle of the rim.

Thanks for all the hints.
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