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Well a couple of weeks ago i loaded the two deer we shot and hauled them over to the local DP. Yesterday they called and begged me to come get one of my deer, it was ready and they needed the room. So on the way back from the deer club reloading the feeders, i stopped in with the rig to pick up the deer.

45 minutes later......

After ever other hunter who came in to get their deer had to look at the bike and shake their head in disbelief when the DP crew told them that i had infact hauled two deer in on the side car.

To many questions to list them all, just fun UDF.

Cant get that on a DR 650
Bear has been hitting the bait I left 6 ft off the ground. Should be a good one. Think he'll fit on the rear rack? Had one hog on there so far, and he was a little one (110 lbs) I need to make a heavier rear rack for this thing. The stock one bends too easily.
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