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Hi Guys,

So a few months ago I actually went for a test ride on one from my local dealer :-

2011 model SMT demo bike with ABS as standard.

So I rode this bike with a critical eye and specifically looking for problems with the fuelling.
Wow! to say that I was impressed was a bit of an understatement, the first 6 miles or so were through a built up area and the bike would pull 4th gear at 30mph and about 2,800 revs without any problem and then pick up smoothly from there.
Out onto a short stretch of dual carriageway and the bike would cruise very steadily at whatever speed you picked, no "hunting" or snatching, also the pickup out of slow corners and roundabouts was seamless, nice and smooth, no lurching at all - I was totally surprised at how smooth this big twin was.
When you opened the stops it went like the clappers, made a lovely "bellow" as it revved through to 9,000 rpm, definately not short of go and don't forget, I was comparing this to the Fireblade I'd just rode up to the dealers on.
The instant accelleration combined with the tall riding position ( a novelty being able to see over hedges! ) and lovely bump absorbing suspension made this probably just as quick or even quicker point to point than the Fireblade.

So I took it back to the dealers, and the week after took this home :-

A hardly used 2011 ABS example with 1,700 miles on it, saved a grand over a new one, 8,600 it cost me, still with almost 2 yrs warranty on it, always fancied a white one!
I'm dead impressed with it, ( as you can tell by the Gormless grin on my face! ) tweaked the suspension to the sport settings given by KTM on a label under the seat and this thing really goes well around the twistys.
Did a 280 mile run on it last Sunday mixed riding conditions, a bit of everything, including full throttle runs through the gears, it flies when you give it the berries! and it was returning just over 40 mpg, I'd read they were a bit thirsty, would have preferred mid - 40s, but I can live with this, fuel light comes on at about 130 miles, but still has around 4 litres in the tank when I re-fill it.
And the riding position is just perfect for me, no more aching wrists and shoulders, just a tad of buffeting from the screen which I should be able to sort out later but its not too bad.
I've got it over 6,500 miles now and I've just worn out a set of Pilot Road 3's on it, really good tyres.

Its a great bike loving riding it more and more
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