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Originally Posted by JimVonBaden View Post
Oh, he doesn't hate the GS, he is just a ludite that thinks the pinicle of the GS was the 1100!

... BMW had the nerve to change his beloved perfection of an 1100GS!!

Quite the opposite. I embrace sound technological innovation. "If they will buy it, then we will build it."

You can't blame the marque for maximizing its profits. In the bygone era, riders were not returning often enough to their dealers. They kept their machines much longer as well. The technology exists to build a highly reliable machine that will last 300,000 mi without bizarre, expensive failures. Not enough profit in that. Longevity, owner-serviceability, low cost of ownership are no longer driving new purchase decisions.

As consumers, it is we who are ultimately responsible for what is produced. If the marque is different today than yesteryear in its design philosophy, then that is only because they have zeroed in on their chosen market segment. I'd love to see a fresh, innovative, totally redesigned touring "GS" even if we had to leave the boxer behind. It may come when the market is ready.
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