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We spent a couple of days at the top end. Day 7 got us to the Tip… after my little fuel pump hiccup. We met this mob there - and IIRC they were from Newcastle and included some inmates. They were on chook chasers and had some support vehicle(s) with them.

Lovely scenery up there

We sought out the WW2 bomber wreck and started to go a bit troppo....

That wouldn't be a Katoom resting on a tree, would it?

Don't invite the US Navy to a picnic in your backyard.... they don't take their empty tinnies with them

Peter ended up getting a job as a mechanic at Bamaga – but quit on his first day and ended up heading south with us.

While he was working, the rest of us went fishing in a crappy little tinnie. It was struggling with us big buggers in it.

Heading South, we did the Northern section of the Old Telegraph Track that we’d missed on the way up. I reckon it’d be an easier run heading North. We had planned to get down to the beach at Captain Billy’s Landing… but ended up camped in the bush near the twin falls. I reckon its fair to say that a drowned Tenere slowed us down a tad. It took two hours to sort this one out. Water in the oil and all.... We had enough oil to drain the slop, give it a quick flush and drain and then fill it up. Brett's spare filter got put to use - not bad, given the 20 years between bikes.

There was a lot of burning off going on and things got a bit sureal with the smoke overhead. This is one of the few original telegraph poles that we saw on the old track

Here's Peter, taking my 950se up one of the creek exits. He did like it and I could see some cogs clicking in his mind....

There's probably too much information in this photo...

Yes... this is much nicer

Plenty of carnivorous plants around here too

.. and where would we be without an ADV salute

This is the twin falls area. Still very strange with all that smoke around

and to give the falls some perspective

Our non-campsite camp.

We did the track in and out of Captain Billy’s the next day. I had a graphic illustration of how the fatal accident happened on the way out. I’d glanced left to see if I knew any of the 4WD’ers pulled up at the lookout on the way in and when I looked back ahead… after just a couple of seconds, I discovered I was sharing the track with a 4WD belting in from the other direction. A sphincter-tightening moment and a too-close pass. This is the lookout

... and this is Captain Billy's - well worth seeing

The run south ended from the Captain Billy’s turnoff was on the Development Road.

It was back to Bramwell Station for another night in the tents and the same again the next night at Musgrave Roadhouse. We went around the campground there and found a couple of guys on bikes who were travelling solo and heading North. One on a BMW 650 and the other on a DR. Very different characters, but we suggested they ride together for support.

Our final night was on the southern fringes of the Cape after heading down the Bloomfield Track. We camped at the pub at the Daintree. A couple of the lads got told to mind their own business when they jumped up to help a guy who’d been glassed in the face by another guy. “Leave my brother alone”. Hmmm… nice family eh – yep, one brother glassed the other. Then it was back to Bern’s, south of Cairns.

.... and that was Leg 1.
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