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One thing I did do in Darwin was fix that damned sidestand.

The bike shop sent me off to some engineering place that did mainly mining work. One of the guys said... "the boss had one of these, and has an Adventure now, so we better fix yours up eh"

I told them I wasn't interested in pretty... and I didn't want it to break again. Its a ProMoto Billet sidestand... which to be fair, isn't designed for this weight bike. Its for a 525 or something like that. That said... having a grub screw through where the weight gets taken doesn't seem too whippy to me.

A bit of extra time and I'm sure it'd be stronger and better looking... but I'm happy. Its held up with people climbing all over my bike every time I turn my back.

Oh yeah, the guy who owns the engineering business is an inmate here too.

The bike shop actually had a blinker flasher unit for the se in stock. First time ever I think I've got a part for the KTM out of shop stock! I'd been without blinkers since Day 1. My fault... I hadn't secured the flasher properly and it'd shaken off the ends of the wires. I fitted a new Mefo and a new knobby on the front, changed the oil and sorted a few other things out.
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