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All in a detour... TX

Strangely enough one as myself sometimes does not realize what is for grabs right under their nose such as into the spaces we went on for a few days. East and a bit North. Del Rio with it's beautiful “Amistad Lake”, Sabinal with “Nora's Tacos”, “Lost Maples State Park”, “Lone Star Motorcycle Museum” and there would have been more if the weather would have cooperated. Last minute change after a glance at the forecast and I repacked everything on Sherpa's back! Yes, it was strange, did not feel quite right as it will never be as such going down the road with “Old Faithful”, but, having a quick shelter, not needing rain gear per say, having the heater on and listening to my favorites tunes, well, as everything it was a good compromise this time around. Spirit sure enjoyed it... It was more of a need to get away as anything else, it was wanting to feel the wanderlust since we had been here for a couple weeks now only taking on local rides. Once North of Sabinal, passed Utopia, the roads turn into Motorcycle riding Heaven and the next time around it will be “Old Faithful” leading the ride. Plenty of photos... some more Music... the Museum was great! Long Journal entry.

Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit
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