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It was just barely over the freezing mark when I took off this morning, but it warmed up rather quickly.

I have been riding 226A so much lately that it's getting boring. Time for a change of pace.

I thought I recognized this fellow as I rolled by.

I made the appointment time. We took off over Grapevine, Big Laurel, Revere, and Lonesome Mountain.

The pace was brisk.

We worked our way up 208 and 212 and then went back into Big Laurel. We rode over the Old 23. I had never been on the old two lane on the Tennessee side. Cool road. I had never been on 19W back into Ramseytown either. Gotta go back and scout those falls on Spivey Creek.

I got us lost trying to get down to Barnardsville to go after the Appalachian tag.

After running around for a half hour, I decided to bag it and head into Burnsville for home. 80 --> Seven Mile Ridge --> Crabtree

Even though I am getting tired of riding 226A, I took it down into the valley and then around the back of Lake James.

Nice day. Thanks for the ride
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