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Hey,I know you.Ok,so I don't know you know you,but we have passed each other on hwy 8 going up Ceasars Head.I was on a blacked out Zuk GS5 wearing all black crash gear.I noticed your scoot because I like the color an it's the only dual head light scoot I've seen in our area.I live in north Spartanburg off exit 10 on I-26.That's almost in NC.Hwy 11 comes out behind my house between Campobello and New Prospect.So,yeah,we ain't fur apart.

The reason I quoted your pics was to share a story with you.When I was growing up in the late 70's early 80's,we had a lot of people move into the trailer park behind my house(I still own said property).They all hooked up to septic systems and then we had an extremely wet year.Our wells became contaminated with sewer water.It was way to expensive for my family to connect to city water.Heck,it wasn't even piped into my neighbor hood at that time.Weekend trips clued us into that water source.We would take a pick up truck, with the bed full of clean empty milk jugs, and fill them up there.There used to be a sign there that has something on it about using the water.I can't remember what it said.It's been 25+ years since we did that last.

Now I have a question.Could you fill me in on this tagging game you are involved with.It sounds shady,under handed,and mobster type of illegal.J/K I don't quite understand how it works or how to get in it.I need rules and regs,please.
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If my aunt had nuts, she'd be my uncle. What's your point?
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