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Originally Posted by J-Dub View Post
Hey guys,
Your ride reports are among my favorites. I always feel like I'm reading something posted by some old friends. It's amazing how a few poignant words and some beautiful photos can just draw you in... I wish you guys the best of luck in your travels!
I'm really glad it comes off that way - that's a pretty great bit of encouragement. Thank you.

Originally Posted by whatsgnu View Post
So sorry for your loss but..... I've always found something incredible comes from every loss in life. This is an amazing trip so far and I'm sure it will only get more amazing. Travel safe and continue to celebrate life !! ( and thank you so much for letting me tag along !! )
It has been a trying time but there's nothing to do but move forward. My wife is amazing in that way. Thanks for following!

Originally Posted by TravelBike View Post
All the best for your trip!

Great photos and RR!

travel safe and enjoy your time!
this is probably the best idea to honor him
Thank you - I agree that he would certainly have found doing something like this honoring.

Originally Posted by IgorDmitry View Post
Thos are some gorgeous photos and a sweet hack build! If you will be passing though Washington DC, give me a holler. My wife and I would love to meet you guys.
I don't believe we'll be passing through DC again - we actually stopped through several weeks ago to see my family who had a layover while flying home to Texas. Anyway, I appreciate the offer!

Originally Posted by bode61 View Post
If you end up coming through upstate SC (greenville) area let me know. would be happy to put you up for the night and feed you!
We may actually be coming through your area. We're currently in Delaware but over the next couple of days we'll have a much better idea of where we're headed. I'll shoot you PM. Thank you for the offer!

Originally Posted by TheYeti View Post
WOW, Really great pics of NYC and the 911 memoral.I'm like you NYC is something I want to see,But live there NO!.

Good Luck in your travels, And yea, every place you go with that rig is gonna create a stir.

I'm going to have to go and check out your other ride report,If it's half as good as this is it'll be great.
I think you're right - we are finding it harder and harder to make good time due to the amount of people that surround us at every stop. I thought my beard would scare a few of them off... Thanks for following along!

Originally Posted by Eagletalon View Post
What an amazing journey the two of you have taken upon. Its crazy how things in life change our outlook and makes us want to change the way we go about every day life. Its sad to see she lost her brother but I am happy to see you guys decided to make something positive and take on this ride of a lifetime!

I appreciate your words - we've done a bit of growing by fire over the past couple of months and although life will never be the same without him, we will certainly do our best to make the best with the time we've been given.

Originally Posted by Thermos View Post
The Niagra falls video is fantastic. I love the editing done to it. That mansion in the catskills is absolutely amazing!
You are not kidding. That place in the Catskills pretty much blew my mind. And the video stuff is just fun - I'll have to make sure and continue to post the videos here as well as on our own personal blog.

Originally Posted by smith8833 View Post
Guitar, maybe this

Be safe!!
Originally Posted by TheYeti View Post
Here's another

A buddy of mine takes one of these on just about every trip he goes on.
Very interesting. I'm seriously considering something like this. I thought of maybe just buying a junky acoustic and strapping it on top but this would probably make more sense...
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