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Industrial Therapy

This weekend was able to spend several uninterupted hours out in the shop and decided to get busy on the bike trailer, so I can haul the various 350's around to get worked on as well as hauling them to events and races. I do have a truck, but it has two major flaws; it is a big gas hog and pretty tall, making loading bikes in the back a real chore. The trailer is low and easy to load and can be pulled with my rice burner and save gas money.

Before, not sure what this trailer started life as, we are thinking maybe it was a tow dolly? Previous owner had added some good and bad touches, most of which will be dispensed with using the "hot wrench"...

After initial surgery with torch and grinder (Industrial Therapy!)

After more surgery and new center rail welded in

With outer stub rails tacked in place, decided since the original wider side rails were an intrinsic part of the structure it just made sense to leave them in place, but trim back a bit and install smaller extensions. Next step will be to finish out the front wheel racks and build on some kind of storage box and maybe a gas can holder.

What would John Penton do?
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