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Originally Posted by RevZilla View Post
Ken -
The fitting shape of the Dirt glove and the Alaska glove are quite similar. If you were going to wear the Alaska gloves without your heated liners, I would recommend the same size, XXL. Putting a glove liner on underneath will likely require you to go up one size to XYL. I have noticed the material used in the glove liners doesn't move smoothly against the liner of the glove and cause bunching if your (outer) glove is too snug. I just tested with my REV'IT! Tempest gloves and a Powerlet Heated glove liner and confirmed I would need to go up one size in order to accommodate the heated liner.
If I may interject. If your winter gloves are so snug that a liner does not fit then they may not work well for you in the cold. Unlike a race or summer glove a winter glove should not be so tight fitting. Something just a hair loose would keep you much warmer as the trapped air in the glove will circulate warm air produced by your own hand.

Tight fitting gloves in the winter kill you two ways, one, no trapped air to keep you warm, two the tight glove cuts off circulation making you even colder.
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