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'Standing' on the corner in Vining, California...'

out of Tamanrasset and totally lost my bottle. The piste was completely confusing to me...
Not surprised to hear that, but sounds like you still had an adventure. You weren't alone in thinking the Vespa would have done well out there.

Cool report on the Vespa. Would make a great film: 'The Scooter Diaries'. Like someone said, these old prints seem to have soul - but I think we just associate old with good, aka 'good old days'.
Jeez, US immigration were polite in those days - what were they on!?

Never really tried a trad scooter but Morini 3 - now you're talking (never ridden one of them, either).

It's a lesson I still carry with me today, as I try to remember that the point of any motorcycle trip isn't, for me, to carry the kitchen sink, but to enjoy the ride, and to do that, its better to travel light.
I'll put that in my next book. It can't be said enough times.

Like I said, in 85 when I finally reached In Guezzam (Alg border with Niger - middle of nowhere), it was not without more dramas, but at least the bike below (not mine) got about 150km past the green BMW shell where I tanked out in 82.

I think you need to stick this in Old school.
I'm not even going to look! - or another afternoon slips away...


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