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Easy does it, just read the contract and it looks like Charlie screwed you over Robb.... "All cuddle and tucking in of the racers will be done by the team manager"

Just reading the detailed route info from ASO and it might seem like its only Niles and Tim who get a break..

Arica to Arequipa (Peru)
Liasson-171 km
Special-538 km

For the Dakarís first day in their country, the Peruvians will be entitled to two special stages and additional kilometres for the motorcyclists. After a day spent switching between off-piste sections and areas interspersed with rivers, they will benefit from a moment of camaraderie : a specific bivouac will be set up for them before they continue exploring Peru. The concept, which had not been tried out again since the camp of Foum Zguid in Morocco during the 2007 Dakar, will also create a major obstacle which will affect the management of the race. The assistance vehicles will not be authorized in the maintenance area, where only the motorcyclists and quad riders will be able to help each other.

A bit tough to decipher but it sounds like we'll all be in the same bivouac but the riders are on their own for bike maintenance. Make sense?
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