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Originally Posted by Deadly99 View Post
The concept, which had not been tried out again since the camp of Foum Zguid in Morocco during the 2007 Dakar, will also create a major obstacle which will affect the management of the race. The assistance vehicles will not be authorized in the maintenance area, where only the motorcyclists and quad riders will be able to help each other.[/I]
The way it was in Morocco in 2007 was that the normal bivouac held everyone (assistance and car and truck racers) but the bikes went elsewhere.. They had a small stuff sack they could pack what the needed, and were given a couple wool blankets to sleep with. It won't be too far away (within a 100 miles or so), and that's why they forbid assistance, because if they didn't, teams would drive there first, help their riders, then drive to the normal bivouac.

Now, if they do it the same this year? Who knows.
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