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+1 after two tedious recoveries from lower leg injuries i wear oxtar mx boots with extra ankle support for road riding too. looks vaguely ridiculous clumping into coffee shops but worth it when saving your feet, ankle and lower legs in offs.
As anyone would do I've mentally revisited the turn and what would have prevented my outcome. Going slower certainly would have, but excluding that I suspect had I been wearing an appropriate off-road boot I may well have walked away with only a bruised ankle. Not sure what I'm going to do for my future on-road riding. I've got plenty of time to dwell on it.
I already was taking supplements of Vit D3, Ca/Mg and a multivitamen and have for a very long time been on an excellent diet as my wife is borderline vegetarian; we do eat poultry, fish, dairy products, eggs etc...just no red meat or anything fried.
During my active years as a vet, now retired, I stayed up with the literature on glucosamine and chondrotin sulfate. Most of the credible studies came to the conclusion that for chronic arthritis it is a waste of money. I recalled one study in sheep where there was a statistical benefit in acute joint injury; therefore, I figure I've got nothing to loose but a few bucks.
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