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+1 to good boots!

I had an undisplaced spiral fracture of my right fibula, along with crushing of my foot and ankle after a bit of a boneheaded manouver...thankfully, no ligament or tendon damage, and no surgery needed.

Aircasts (walking boot) make me wary after mine allowed the break to move enough that even after 6 months there was unhealed bone. 8 weeks no weight, 4 months light activity, then back to no weight for 8 weeks...

It was roughly ten days before the swelling started to subside. Until then, if my foot was not raised, it was very painful.

Tylenol 3's don't work for roughly 30% of people, because not everyone has the enzyme to turn codeine to morphine.

Two and a half years later, I still have bruising on my foot, and the doc says it may not ever go away completely.

I don't ride without my Alpinestars now. I would have walked away if I was wearing them.

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