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I've been riding in a Dragon jacket for over a year now with over 20k miles. The liner is water proof and it works well. The outer shell will soak up water if you spend time riding in a down poor. Jackets with waterproof liners are a compromise between ventilation and water proofing. Any jacket with a liner is subject to soaking the outer shell. You can treat it with something like Nikwax but if you are in hard rain long enough it will get soaked. The only other option is to go with a full waterproof shell. The prices really start getting steep. One of the best ones is going to be the Klim Latitude for $560. I have the big brother to that one called the Badlands. Rev'it makes the Everest GTX which is a very good jacket, but you will pay a smooth grand for that. What I have found is that for everyday riding, my Dragon is a great jacket at a very good price point. Call the guys at Revzilla and talk to them. They are all top notch and really know the products. Keep in mind if you buy Rev'it, it is a European cut (think skinny ass bicyclists) so make sure on your sizing.
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