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Originally Posted by ausfahrt View Post
Getting ready to do the Doo on my '06. Can I re-use the old inner and outer gaskets or do I need new ones?
I think it's best to have a fresh set of gaskets on hand just in case you need one.

I did my doo at a tech day with some really helpful KLRista's guiding me through it. Twice actually because I used the coil spring the first time and must have damaged it during installation because it broke the first time I adjusted it. Second time I installed the torsion spring.

Both times I found the gaskets in fine shape and at the suggestion of the KLRista's helping me I did not replace them. I just put a little bit of gasket sealer on it (very little - not slathered on). It's held up fine with no leaks.

The clutch side was a totally different story, That old gasket was stuck on and required a lot of work to get it off.

My .02c is inspect the gasket and if it looks good and came of easy go ahead and re-use it. It's worked for me.
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