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I have looked quite a bit into cutting out my rim centers and having them welded into modern outer rims. My problem has been that the rim centers like ours are a different diameter than modern drop center rims so they have to turn down the center wheel hub, and no wheel shop I have found want to do it.

The drop center is that hump down the middle of the rim that the tire drops into to relieve it so it will fit over the lip, like the depression on a MC rim where the spoke nipples are. The older 2 piece rims are almost flat so the wheel center hub is too large for modern rings. Not saying it cant be done, but the 4 shops I called in So Cal all said No.

Problem 2 is I have one odd ball rim and it works as a yard roller, but it is not a rim I can drive on because the back space is really deep. It hits my brake drum on the rear and my steering tie rod on the front, so I HAVE to get something. I have made calls all over the country to all kinds of places and NO ONE has come up with even one rim. This Diamond Racing Wheel place is about my last option at this point, it does give me the size option I wanted too, so there are benefits.

As to finding a shop to help you with changing your tires on your 2 piece rims try a Fork Lift repair shop. FL still use the 2 piece designs because the side walls of their MANY ply sidewalls they just cant be stretched over a modern style drop center rim. There are some old school small independant tire shops around still willing to attack the 2 piece rims, you just gotta look hard to find one.

I changed my own, It is not that hard. Just be VERY careful when you re-bead the tire. As it airs up you can knock the lock off and the whole thing just explodes shooting the metal off and has taken off some peoples heads. At the very least point the ring out away from your body and head and air up from behind and dont stand too close. PLENTY of lube to get the tire to slip onto the bead. BE CAREFUL, but you can do it. If I can do it, a caveman can do it. {do I get an endorsement check now from Geico?}
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