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Originally Posted by MotoBoss View Post
I know the fork brace is worth the money, as is most anything from EM,and tire choice depends on what you want to spend. Tourance's are pretty long lived but spendy while IRC's are good for 3-4K but a set is right at $100.00.
I've been looking at the IRC and the Shinko 705. This would be a swap-on-swap off ride. I usually run a fairly aggressive tire, as this is not my road bike, nor is it my only bike. I'm currently on Michelin T63's, which have a reasonably aggressive tread. They howl like a banshee on pavement, and I can't see doing 3000+ paved miles with them, although they have been very nice for my older guy adventures through the mud and the blood and the beer. I kicked out a 350 mile day on them last fall, and I was whupped. The vibration takes a toll.

I see why some people end up on God'lwings. Ain't willing to be that old yet. KLR me.
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