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Originally Posted by todd83-900t View Post
Please continue!!!!
alright, lets rock it on .....

So as Brian mentioned today was to be a short day as I needed to change the oil on the KTM. We got a late start as usual and wasted some time talking to the hotel owner. Brian had decided to wash his bike so he was all clean whereas I decided to try and see if I could maintain the adobe tank protector I picked up in Utah all the way to Oregon.

We knew there were some routing issues. It's pretty common on the boundaries of towns where development has changed things since the route was originally mapped. Since the sections leaving town are also not that interesting we continued with our scorched earth take no prisoners approach (huh, what? losers?) and just rode out on the highway until we intersected the trail as it crossed over US50 near Hay Ranch.

The trail heads north through the Kobeh Valley. It had been raining a lot the night before. There is a point on the map named Mud Spring, near there I see the road ahead is boggy. We ride through it for a while on the gas and eventually there is a small area of dry road where I stop. I tell Brian that this is going to suck if it's like this all the way across the valley. What I should have done is keep moving and stay on the gas. The section ahead was way deeper and I'm not going fast enough. Bumf and I'm down.

Fortunately things quickly dry out. We were probably on riding on wet stuff for a couple of miles.

It was shaping up to be a beautiful day. Not too hot and we kept up a decent pace (though probably not decent enough for Catfish ) as the roads were sandy and the bike was moving around a good bit.

After about an hour we leave the sand and the terrain gets a little rockier, hear heading towards McClusky Pass

Then after the pass we head North, along higher rolling terrain towards Grass Valley

Just before the Cortez Mine the trail turns NW towards Caetano Ranch and Bald Mountain

Then it's back into another valley heading towards Rocky Pass. Here, looking back towards Bald Mountain

At this point we start playing tag with a brewing thunderstorm. It looks like we're going to get wet but we seem to always be one step ahead.

Picture of us both, Rocky Pass ahead

Looking back from Rocky Pass, thunderstorm building

View towards Maysville Summit

I stopped for a while and just watched the thunderstorm before deciding it was a good time to keep moving so Brian was a ways ahead. I stopped for a quick pic at this cool looking tree

I caught up with brian at Maysville Pass.

Looking back the way we'd come

Brian snapped a pic of me and the mighty Katoom

We're now almost at Battle Mountain. Pretty soon we're on a straight fast road and I can see the town just ahead

but this is the TAT so you can never just do things easy, it's time for a 5-mile 30-minute detour on some fun stuff. We start off along a utility maintenance trail. It's two track, sandy and deep in places. Cool shot of the trail and the storm

Then we turn back towards town through the desert, fun stuff

We pull into Battle Mountain just as the storm arrives, it's windy, dust and debris is blowing everywhere. We were going to stop at the Napa for Brian to get some oil (I was carrying mine) but it closed. As Brian said, we elected to stay at the Owl Club in downtown. We swung by Nelson's Racing & Repair hoping somehow they might be open but they weren't.

Most of the PM was spent changing the oil. Brian covered the details of this. My buddy Toddler had clued me into the dumpster diving so I can take no credit for that but it did work out well. It was also warm enough that we were able to wash/dry all our laundry.

As far as the oil goes, it's supposed to be easy to change oil on the DRZ and hard on the KTM but judging from the relative sizes of the toxic waste field under each bike I'm not sure this is correct

The room was basic but it was the first time I'd been propositioned by a hooker on this trip so you can't complain. It was Mexican food again, El Aguila Real.

After dinner I stopped by the casino for a single malt and managed to leave $5 up. Long day tomorrow so we tried to get an early night.

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