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i was instantly going to say willamet wheel...but i didnt realise they went down...that sucks

how about these guys?
Early Wheel Co. 805-772-7997 8-5 pacific mon-fri

as far as turning the centers down..yes and depends on what size hoop you want to end up with..they may need to be turned ever so slightly like mm's ..but any good machine shop should be able to turn long as you find a wheel shop that will weld it all back up.....ive seen guys do it in there own garage shop with just a lathe.........really it comes down to finding a hoop blank to fit within reason of the centers..personaly mine are 21s i think and i REFUSE to change that to anything but maybe like going up to a 22 or down to a 20....i want to keep the big rig size and look....the fact that your down 1 wheel tho really sucks.....a year ago i probably could have scored you a couple of them as i knew where some old IH and such were in the 1 ton plus range....and actualy if you want a wheel bad enuf get me the measurement and bolt pattern measurment and a good shot of the wheel and ill have a look at a couple of the local yard that still have some of the big monsters......theres a yard neer me now that has a few old mil spec chevs and dodges 6 lug 1ton plus that looked like its the wide 6 well as some other HUGE oddities like kiaser conversions and such ...but it sounds like you found a great place to get something good new and a full set

as far as changing my own tires......normaly.....i would do it and ive done with everything in the past...i worked tires for a while so im not afraid of it all...even got me a manual bead breaker)1960s snapon) and a bubble balancer(70s snapon with vw wide adaptor)..but ive seen first hand the damage a split rim can not even going to think on it for 1 second......i know of atleast 2 shops that still have the rim cages..the trick is getting them talked into useing it.....tho a forklift shop...i hadnt thought about that good thinking!!!!!!
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