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Oh well! I've bought the bloody things now.....

As the title states, I lashed out today and did the "buy 1, get 1 free" deal at Johnny Appleseed.

If nothing else i can use the things when camping with my daughters over Xmas, to keep in contact if required and to test-out the locating function on the units.
  • The UHF transmission appears to be ok and the speaker is clear enough at this point in time.
  • The touchscreen works alright at the moment and i will see how it goes when it's dusty / wet / muddy etc
  • Apart from attaching the clip on te back there doesn,t appear to be anywhere to properly tether the thing to stop it dissapearing on really crappy tracks where you are looking ahead, concentrating only on rocks, ruts and roots, then look down and "Oh F-ck. Where's my bloody Rino?"
  • I use a Garmin 60CSX with tracks Australia and will try and load the same onto these units
  • I use a Uniden UH078 5W waterproof UHF and good aftermarket antenna as my main communication tool
  • I bought a Zumo 660 3 weeks ago and that will be my "cruizin" gps so the Rino units will be for back-up and bushwalking fun
  • There are no Ram cradles in stock at this point in timei will wait for a couple
  • i reckon that the optional "alkaline battery" adaptor may be a good investment as opposed to just relying on the AC charger or 12VDC cigarette plug charger (rrp $49.00) but will get one for $35.00
  • The 12VDC charge connects via a roughly 6mm diametre 2 pin rubber plug at the rear of the unit (sort of a smaller version of the plug on the 60CSX) and it will have to be seen if the plug will stay in place on snotty trails
  • Supplied base maps are crap (1st impression)
When i learn more i will let you know.

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