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It all depends on how much rain you are riding in. I rode home from work this morning in a thunderstorm. My jacket is hanging in the garage right now. It is a synthetic jacket so it will not drip all day long, but depending on how hard it rains will determine how wet it gets and how long it takes to dry. If your really worried about it you can get a Frog Togz suit cheap and keep it for heavy rain days. ANY jacket with a waterproof liner is going to get saturated if you ride in hard rain. Like I said, you can slow the process with products like NikWax, but eventually the shell will get saturated. That's the trade off you make to have the removable liners. Normally I ride with just the shell, and add the rain liner if I need it. You basically have three choices. Run the risk of a saturated jacket, or carry a rain over jacket, or go with a waterproof shell. The dragon jacket is comfortable and vents well when it starts getting warm. I like the hi-viz for commuting and I especially like that the dragon's pattern doesn't make your eye bleed! I now have a Gore Tex shell jacket. I literally received my Klim Badlands jacket in the mail two days ago. This will be my new "go to" jacket for everything but the worst part of summer. I live in Memphis and with our brutal summers, mesh is the only way to go. Bottom line is that there is no "perfect" jacket for all situations. All of them make certain compromises. From what you are wanting though, I would honestly recommend the Klim Latitude. You are going to spend about $300 more, but you will get a jacket that is very good at keeping you dry and has outstanding protection. You will have to layer up under it since it is just a shell, but I prefer that anyway. It gives you more control of how comfortable you are. Klim's quality is top notch and their customer service is outstanding and you won't have to worry about liners,rain suits, and soaked shells. I realize that's probably not what you wanted to hear, but if you ride a lot, you'll eventually come to the same conclusion. Just so you know, I don't work for Klim or for Revzilla. I'm a fireman in Memphis. You should give the guys at Revzilla a call. They really do know their stuff, and they can give you the good word on all their products. They may have some ideas that I haven't thought of.
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