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Originally Posted by WaterWheel View Post
Here they come, Detroit.

If GB's O line and TEs can give Rodgers a few seconds and keep Detroit's front four from killing him, they'll be in good shape. Quick passes, screens, and TE match ups will be key to putting up points.

For Detroit to win, Stafford needs to keep moving the chains, finish time consuming drives with TDs, and keep GB's offense on the sideline. GB's D isn't that good - they give up a shit-load of yards, but always seem to stiffen up when it matters.

Should be a great game - looking forward to watching it with a gut full of booze and turkey.
If GB's D-line can get any pressure across the line, the Lions will have a very slim chance of competing. The Lions have proven over and over again that the O-line is suspect against any of the higher talent D-lines this season.

I look forward to seeing a shoot-out. Hopefully, the Lions can mount some sort of ground game to keep the Pack honest.

Either way, I'll be drinking cheap beers and Canadian Club with my wife's Polish uncle, sitting on a 40 year old flower patterned couch, waiting for the turkey to finish it's dehydration cycle. Maybe NicoWife's loser 46-YO POS living-in-the-basement cousin will share some of his doobage to make the day interesting.
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This post has zero to do with civility and more to do with stupidity.
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