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Thanks for all of the it!!

Good Morning!
I met Bill, ADVRIDER.COM "Eakins", three days ago who owns Sayulita (Puerto Vallarta) Mexico - guided day trips & vacation services
Just to get a beer a talk about my trip he lives here in Sayulita, just moved down. He gave me alot of advice and answered all my questions. Very nice guy, two days later I started having bike trouble and shot him an Email. He came right away and met me in the square, we messed with it there for awhile and then I followed him to his house with a nice clean garage. We left the bike due to the heat and went to the beach, met back up at around 5 and started tearing her down. We pulled the carb and it actually looked great almost brand new. We cleaned her out really well checked everything all the pilots the skirt everything. we notice taking off the Choke cable that connects to the carb was cracked. So we did our best to fix, super glue, electrical tape, and zipties and shes back to new. We pulled the Spark plug and it didn't look that bad, but still changed it anyways I had brought 3 extras with me. We went through the bike making sure nothing stood out as odd. Put the bike back together crossed our fingers, started right up once gas got back in the carb and sounded awesome, took the choke off and she just puuurrred. I just started to laugh, guessing that there was just some junk stuck in the carb which came out with the old gas. So we walked into town for victory tacos and beers, my treat of course!!.. haha
If it wasn't for Bill I would of had a huge headache but he just laughed and helped me out a really awesome dude.
If your ever riding through or visiting Sayulita or PV hit him up too go riding or just grab a beer.

Thanks for all the advice

Sayulita (Puerto Vallarta) Mexico - guided day trips & vacation services

to more adventrues to come!
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