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Originally Posted by GrahamD View Post
But on the other hand you have owners who previously owned the other bike who say the opposite.
You also have the Two Wheels SA, Australian, Italian reviewers that say the opposite.

I might go as far as saying that the GS might do better because it may not have the same freak out effect for some people because it is 10% lighter and 20% lighter according to the marketing.

Thirdly a few reviwers from the dirt bike world think it is just fine and dandy, Maybe they just understand why you get over the front of the bike in some situations and get over the back in others.

Maybe they are so close as to be a non event.

So if they all have their collective heads in the sand, then fine.

Maybe the bikes are different and some prefer it and others don't? But in the dirt, either of then are probably going to smoked by the big KTM anyway.

Plenty of owners and reviewers seem to agree on that one. It seems to be the most consistent outcome.
Not everyone is going to agree on something as subjective as "handling in the dirt", that's a given. I was just commenting that characterizing the criticisms as not being specific or well-grounded doesn't hold water - if anything, the publications and reviewers who have rated the S10 inferior to the GS in the dirt are in a much better position to offer an objective judgement - they own neither and are riding the bikes back-to-back.

As a general statement, I do think some S10 owners need to get their heads out of the sand about their bikes. It's a good bike, but has significant shortcomings, as do all the entrants in the segment.

- Mark
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