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It appears the majority of "articles" rate the GS in a better light than the Tenere. I'm not surprised. The GS has been around for years and many "testers" are very familiar with the GS.

The Tenere has only been ridden for a couple of years Worldwide and for only a few months in the US. It is always easier to boast what you know than what you think you know.

You will find that pattern on every single post on ADV in regards to the Tenere. "I just bought my S10 and after X miles I love it". "I have just ridden my S10 for X miles and it is the most comfortable bike I have ever owned". "I thought hard and considered it all, but now that I have ridden the S10 for X months? I love it". "After X miles the vibration is gone and the S10 is pure honey juice..." and on it goes. The X miles factor, it is a new design, it is a new bike. It is a big dirt bike, but yes, it is big and heavy.

Folks, there is no "better", they both work just fine for what they were designed for. They are heavy bikes, they are 1,200d's and they do not come in a light model. If you want to play in the sandbox buy something lighter. If you play in mud get something more suitable CC/weight wise.

But if you travel heavy, in a combination of pavement, dirt roads, pot holes from hell, speed bumps, windblown sand over pavement, slippery gravel, two up, in rain and did I say travel heavy? The S10 wins for me.

It just takes X miles to realize that.
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